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The Neighbourhood Plan is prepared with Tredington Parish Council.

In 2017 the Parish Council organised two public meetings public meetings on 24th February 2017 at Blackwell Village Hall and on the 25th April, 2017 in Newbold Village Hall. At these meetings Cllr Deborah Williams asked for volunteers to assist with the task and the Tredington Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was formed. The first members of the group were Mark Ashworth, Parish Councillor David Botterill, Michael Payne (Chairman of the TPNPSG), Dr Debbie Pearson, Simon Plank, Dr Sarah Tolliday, Martin Tolliday, Sally Ward, Parish Councillor Deborah Williams, Nigel Willis. Mark Ashworth had to leave the group for health reasons and we are very sorry to say that he has since died. David Botterill has now resigned from Tredington Parish Council for personal reasons, Martin Tolliday has had to resign due to work commitments and Michael Payne had to resign for health reasons. The TPCNPSG would like to thank all previous members for the time and expertise that they gave to this process and an especial thank you to Chair Michael Payne who formed us in to a cohesive group and gave us a structure to work with. Julie Murphy has now joined the group as a second member of Tredington Parish Council.

The group has now appointed Mr Neil Pearce from Avon Planning Services to consult and advise the TPCNPSG with the process of putting together a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Tredington.


Do you want to be involved?

If you would like to get involved with this important project there are lots of opportunities

Many of us complain about things that we don’t like and are frustrated and angry that we seem to have little control over our environment. This an opportunity to win back a little more power and influence what happens in the future in our Tredington Parish; Armscote, Blackwell, Darlingscott, Newbold-on-Stour and Tredington.

If you would like to help or have any questions please direct them initially to a member of the Neighbourhood Plan Group.